Jolly Tots

Jolly Tots Preschool Activity Classes. We provide Intergenerational classes within Care Homes.

Jolly Tots provides ageless play for the young and young at heart! Enabling 3 generations to come together – parents/grandparents/carers, children and residents. Jolly Tots provide a caring, safe, clean and fun environment for valuable shared experiences.

We promise music, dancing, props and lots of fun! At Jolly Tots each child/sibling are accompanied by their carer and Care Home residents sit around the outside of the class watching and joining in at relevant times. Intergenerational interaction adds a new dimension to the activity class experience for children and adults alike.

Jolly Tots encourages friendship, respect and knowledge, where age is just a number. All Jolly Tots staff have ‘Working with Children’ checks, music licenses and public liability insurance. All toys are also steam cleaned after each class.

Jolly Tots Classes:

There has been a lot of research into Intergenerational Playgroups, especially in recent years, all finds have been encouraging and positive. The University of Wollongong concluded that “Evaluation results were overwhelmingly positive with regards to the Intergenerational Playgroups supporting engaging and fun social interactions of mutual benefit for all the generations. The organised activities within the Intergenerational Playgroup were successful in promoting social contact and improved mood for the older residents.

Parent surveys also highlighted the interaction with older residents as a social asset for their children and themselves. “

University of Wollongong Australia. 2018. Evaluating the impact of Intergenerational Playgroups in residential aged care. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 18 June 2019].

Research by C Margaret Skropeta suggests that Intergenerational Playgroups improve outcomes and quality of life for older people, particularly those experiencing isolation/loneliness, Dementia and Disengagement from community.

Following 6 months attendance to Intergenerational Playgroups residents had the following:

  • Increase in dignity, particularly with residents who have dementia
  • Increase in longer lasting joy and happiness
  • Higher levels of self-esteem
  • More active participation in the community

BMC Geriatrics – C Margaret Skropeta, Alf Colvin and Shannon Sladen. 2014. An evaluative study of the benefits of participating in intergenerational playgroups in aged care for older people. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 18 June 2019].

Research from Wales, United Kingdom also have positive outcomes for all generations, “this was not just about helping elders: the children enjoyed the increased attention too, and had more opportunities to develop their social and emotional skills. It may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but research has proven that these interactions can have fantastic benefits for each generation.”

Catrin Hedd Jones Lecturer in Dementia Studies, Bangor University. 2017. Combining daycare for children and elderly people benefits all generations. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 17 June 2019].

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